Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sober House Season 1 Episode 1 (S01E01)

We have seen 2 seasons of celebrities trying to get sober on Celebrity Rehab, or shall I better say pretended to get sober for money because they are totally broke? It's no secret they where paid to be on the show and I believe that was probably the main reason most of them where even on the show. What else did they have going on to make money? They got to pay bills too and drugs ain't cheap either so what better to do than going to treatment for a couple weeks, collect a check and hit it again. It is a good thing VH1 is trying to do by showing that taking drugs is not all cool like most think seeing how big name celebrities are addicts, but I don't think this show is affecting anybody.

So now Celebrity Rehab presents Sober House. Some celebrities of both season are back and live together in a Sober House where they are trying to start a sober life. So who is in Sober House? Well from the first season you have Seth "Shifty" Binzer and Mary Carey, from the second season Amber Smith, Rodney King, Steven Adler and Nikki McKibbin. I really don't think that most of them are going actually are going to live a sober life, except Rodney maybe.

The first episode everyone moved into the house where Jennifer Gimenez, who was a addict herself, is the House Mother. Steven showed up high and she found Heroin and syringes on him. After calling Dr. Drew Steven had to leave with Will (who was one of the techs on celebrity Rehab) to stay with him over the night and to return to Sober House in the morning.

It seems like the season is going to be very interesting especially later on with Andy Dick (he is not in the house yet).

The next episode airs Thursday (Jan. 22nd) 10pm EST on Vh1.

Here are some clips from the first episode

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