Friday, August 1, 2008

Paranormal State Season 2 Episode 1 (S02E01)

Today I watched the first episode of season 2! I still can not believe it. I have waited so long (well I think actually a couple of month but it feels like forever) for this season. I have heard rumors that Ryan wants to do something different and I truly thought there is not going to be any paranormal state anymore. Paranormal State is my favorite paranormal show that actually helps people unlike the Ghost Hunters! I always thought why do the Ghost Hunters say we are here to help if they don't really can do anything if the house is really haunted? I think that was something I was always missing on the Ghost Hunters. Now Paranormal State brings that to the table and it is the best show out there! And it is amazing to see Chip Coffey going through the houses and feeling or seeing things. This show as it all, where the Ghost Hunters get kind of annoying with their debunking these people help.

This time they were called to a couple that has had bad things happen to them for a while. They told Ryan that a friend brought them a voodoo doll from New Orleans as souvenir which they later burned. Ryan found the burned head of the doll and they took it with them. Every since the team visited they did not have any paranormal things happen anymore. So now how often can people that had TAPS there say that?

I so hope we will see many Season of Paranormal State! I love the show and it is my favorite paranormal show! If you haven't seen it yet check it the next episode. It airs Mondays 10/9c on A&E!

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