Monday, August 25, 2008

Big Brother Season 10 Episode 7 (S10E07)

Keesha nominated Jessie and Angie. That is very well done in my book. I really don't like the alliance between Jessie, Angie, Michelle and Memphis. They truly must think that their alliance is in the upper hand and they rule the house unbeknown to the others. So now with Jessie and Angie nominated one of them is going home for sure. Now just none of their alliance members can win the POV and everything is perfect. I think all 4 of them deserve the least to win Big Brother 10. This is a very hard week for their alliance so let see who has to leave the house.

The food competition was super funny, this time they played all for the food item of the week and not who gets slop. They had 2 huge records spinning around on top was a laundry basket with socks in. girls on one team boys on the other. Now they had to find the same socks to match a pair. Then hang it on the wall at the same spot. Of course they couldn't see each other and just had to communicate which sock and where to hang it. Renny was so horrible in the game I couldn't believe it. Does it show their communication skills in real life? The item that they matched up right they received as food for the week.

The next episode of Big Brother airs today Tuesday 9pm on CBS.

If you want to watch the last episode online you can do so right now. Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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