Friday, August 8, 2008

Kathy Griffin: My life on the D-List Season 4 Episode 9 (S04E09)

Steve Wozniak is engaged and it's NOT to Kathy Griffin, but who? My guess would be his assistant Julie... she would be my choice anyway. But who is it? Who is the lucky person engaged to Steve Wozniak? I wonder and hope it will be revealed sometime. I think he never was together with Kathy to be honest! I think he is just a friend of hers and the whole relationship was just made up for the show. I mean she always has those things she does for publicity, so why not this one? Why i think so? Well every time he came over or they saw each other they never kissed, always huged as greeting and the chemistry between them was just very weird nothing natural or loving.

This episode beside Kathy saying that she is not together anymore with Steve she tried to play matchmaker for her friend Rachel. So she took her to the Segway polo game of Steve and some other geeks. Rachel selected two of them she wanted to get to know better at lunch and then meet again on the Fur Ball. At the Fur Ball Steve met his ex-wife and Kathy acted all offended that he didn't introduce Kathy to his ex-wife. They broke up after the Fur Ball Kathy said. Which is not a surprise to me. Kathy also complaint the whole show how he just took her to cheap restaurants. I mean come even if you have the money to go to Mr. Chow you don't have to. They do not hang up sign at McDonald's saying if you make over a certain amount of money you can not eat there anymore! I think that makes him more more like every body else. He goes where he feels comfortable and where he likes to eat, nothing wrong with that.

I do think that this was the last episode of this season. So everyone who missed this season either has to look out for re-runs or buy the DVD!

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