Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big Brother Season 10 Episode 5 (S10E05)

Michelle won the Power Of Veto. Steven had some hope for getting off the block by having Keesha in the veto competition. He was one of the first people to leave the veto competition so it was all up to her. And because she told the other girls that she wants Steven to stay they had to play even harder. The last 3 left in the competition where Michelle. Keesha and Libra. They all passed on a slop pass just though that they could win POV, and keep in my Libra and Keesha are already on slop for the second week in a row.

I think it is funny to see Jessie keep telling people that everyone thinks he is just muscles and no brain. He wants everyone to think so, that is his game plan. Well I have to admit everyone who believes that is just as stupid as he is. His first choice as nominee would have been Renny (even though even a monkey would have known that she is a weak player and easily to beat and it would be a good chance of getting a strong competitor out) so if the other would not have talked him into nomination Steven and Brian he would have gone with Renny! So much for how smart he is.

The next episode of Big Brother air on Sunday 8pm on CBS.

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