Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List Season 4 Episode 8 (S04E08)

Full team ahead to the Grammy. That's how you could say it. Kathy wants a Grammy and is doing everything to get it. She recorded one of her show in Tracy and the she wants to be nominated for the Grammy with it. Why do they even have a Grammy for spoken word? I mean why not just for singer? I just don't understand it. Anyway Kathy met up with the advertising team to see what they came up with after her photo shot for the CD. The ads look awesome and hilarious! One look and you know it is Kathy!

To get some press she met Adnan Ghalib which we all know for being the boy toy of Britney Spears. he took her to the places he knows the paparazzi are at. They acted cozy and went shopping at Victoria's Secret. For the finale they went outside her house and acted like they were kissing! Next thing you know is she is all over the internet with those photos! Goal reached, Kathy happy!

Kathy and her Team met Suze Orman to get some financial advise. I loved it as Suze told Jessica that leasing will be the biggest mistake she has ever made in her life! And of course Jessica didn't just take it, she had to say no it won't. I enjoyed someone stepping up to Jessica and talking to her like that. I really can not taker her anymore on the show but thankfully this time it was a show with rarely any Jessica in it. That's how the show could always be. I don't mind Tom and Tiffany but Jessica? I really don't want to see her anymore, she doesn't seem to be the smartest horse in the Griffin stable! This was the first time I heard of Suze Orman. I am going to look up later what she does.

The next episode airs next Thursday 10/9c on Bravo!

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