Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rescue Mediums Season 1 Episode 1 (S01E01)

I think actually they are airing the 3rd season already but I have just watched the first episode of the first season! It aired here on a local channel so I have not heard of this show before but I was very surprised. Jackie Dennison and Christine Hamlett are two internationally-renowned psychics who go into peoples home and help them guide the spirits trapped in their houses into the light.

This episode they went to Wolfe Island to help a couple that has has spirit activity in their house. The husband tries to explain everything as normal sounds like the wind etc. The wife has had different experiences and believe those are ghosts. One of the husbands biker friends brought his child over with him for a visit and the child saw four nuns. Christine and Jackie pickup on sort of spirits from children to a priest and nuns. First they help the children pass on later the priest. They say that he thought he would burn in hell so he doesn't want to go. He did go and as last sign of his one night the couple heard a sound like glass breaking but they couldn't find anything. The husband still tries to find a normal explanation for it. Christine and Jackie said that it is normal that spirit give the home owners a last sign of their presents before they leave.

The house was stunning, a true dream home. The house was owned by the catholic church for years and years. The couple has kept the windows and the cross on atop the vaulted roof. The house is surrounded by three cemeteries so I think that is something that would scare me every day it gets dark! But otherwise the house is very beautiful and I am sure it is a nice place to life in.

I don't think W Network airs new episodes right now but the next episode they are airing is S02E15 "Suburban Spirits" on Tuesday 2am e/p!

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