Friday, August 8, 2008

Brun Notice Season 2 Episode 5 (S02E05)

Michael is watching Carla, trying to find out who burned him. Right now she is the only person who can bring him closer. They have been watching her P.O. box followed the secretary to they office and know now where Carla's office is. But before he can focus on finding out who burned him he is asked to help someone.

His client just released from prison, made a promise to his son not to be involved in any crime anymore. So as a criminal tells him to work with them in a heist he declines, only to find out that he won't let him get out. Michael tries to get him out of it, if that doesn't work he gets involved and in the end the boss gets killed by one of the people from the heist who Michael had think that he got the jewelery but just doesn't want to give them their share.

The episode was just as good as all the other. If you have missed it you can watch it online right now. If you live in the USA you can click the image above and it will take you right there.

The next episode of Burn Notice is on Thursday 10/9c on USA.

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