Monday, August 4, 2008

Ghost Hunters International Season 1 Episode 11 (S01E11)

What drama is going on with this show behind the scenes? And still the question who is Brandy Green? I mean they always introduce everyone when they come to the show but she just appeared. She didn't need any training like everyone else that comes onto the show and she is the case manager? And what happened to all the other GHI members like Brian and Donna? Donna had to go home because she was sick, but what about Brian? They never mentioned that either! I think the quality of show is going down whoever causes the drama and members to leave should go seriously. We have seen Barry, Andy, Brian and Donna before and GH and they all worked together well and it didn't seem to be any drama there. Now that there is Robb who is a very bad choice as lead investigator by the way! Is he the problem or who is? I watched the show just because of the familiar faces that we haven't seen on GH in quite a long time such as Brian and Donna, but they are not even mentioned in the shows start anymore. Before GHI started I was hoping Barry would return and be the lead investigator. Brandy is just very boring and doesn't bring anything to the show. Just get Brian and Donna back! PLEASE!!!!

This time they visited Bodelwyddan Castle in Wales. They had a lot of things going on from footsteps to knocking and cold spots to EVP's. It was a investigation with actually things happening which they haven't had for some time. But it could have been more interesting with Brian and Donna there. The investigator were quite boring and I really don't think I am going to continue to watch the show if Brian or Donna do not come back. It is just becoming bland, boring and a very bad spin off. Oh, and another very annoying thing is the background music. Can they turn it any louder? I mean we already can not hear anything the investigator hear anymore so why not just have the music on? Seriously it would be great to hear some of the noises they can hear!

Well that said for everyone who hasn't watched this show yet you can watch some of the episodes online right now. Just click on the image above and it will take you right to it and the best thing is it doesn't matter where you live! Yep finally a show everyone can enjoy online and after buy the DVD! Just as I do. The next episode airs Wednesday 9/8c on Sci-Fi!

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