Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Brother Season 10 Episode 03 (S10E03)

I know this has aired a while ago but I just had the time to watch this episode. I loved to see Brian getting nominated because Jessie got himself off the block! Then Jerry acted all like they told him to do it and he had no other choice. BS of course he could have chosen different! But he just had nothing better to do then throwing Ollie under the bus acting like he was the one breaking the alliance! Jerry could have nominated someone else it was Ollie who did it! And Brian was playing everyone as seen in episode before. So he deserve this, he thought he was the puppet master only to find out the puppets have turned on him. And the best part is that he was voted out 9 to 1!

What was going on between April and Ollie in the bedroom? Who didn't see this coming? I am sure it is just going to deepen the longer both of them stay in the house. Or is one of them just playing with the other ones feelings? It is very hard to believe they are only in the house for a short time. They have developed so many relationships and they have had so much drama that one could think they have been in there for so much longer!

Jessie won the HOH competition. I can not wait to see who he is nominating!

The next episode of Big Brother is on today 8pm on CBS!

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