Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fear Itself Season 1 Episode 8 (S01E08)

Wasn't that a amazing setting? That would totally be a dream house! I think the whole show I was paying more attention to how nice the log cabin was then the show. Lets see if I can remember it

A ranch set in some mountains is run by a family. Grady the family father is missing in the mountains for a week. The family is worried. The oldest sun wants to go look for the father but Grady's brother Rowdy is holding him back saying that the storm is too bad. Then the father appears stumbling out of the woods. Rowdy and the native Eddie Bear get him into the house into bed. He looks horrible frostbitten and just like skin and bones. The first night somebody attacks the horses and bites chunks out of one of them. Eddie Bear tells Rowdy about his cousins father who went missing in the mountains and as he came back he was changed and had a rage in him. He didn't want that to happen again. He went to see Grady telling him he know he is just playing and that he is not weak. That evening Grady attacks his wife as she wants to take the diner dishes away. from there on it is just a fight for their life's. Grady wants to eat them and there is no stopping. Eddie Bear steps up and tries to kill him while Grady's wife and children are in his trailer. But he is the first victim Rowdy is facing him next after finding Eddie Bear dying on the floor. As Rowdy steps into the bedroom Grady is in the bed acting like the weak person again. Why didn't Rowdy just shot? as he wants to it is too late. Grady attacks and kills him. The wife and children hide in the meantime in the barn. Why not take the car and leave? Well of course he finds them and show off Rowdy's dead body. In the end he attacks his wife and his oldest son shots at him just hitting him in the arm. Grady running screaming out of the house finds the youngest son in the barn. The oldest son is coming for help just before the mother comes and shots Grady finally.

A very good episode with lots of blood and gore. If you have missed this episode don't worry if you live in the USA you can watch the episode online right now on the NBC website. Just click the image above and it will take you right there. The next episode of Fear Itself airs Thursday 10/9c on NBC.

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