Friday, August 1, 2008

Burn Notice Season 2 Epidose 4 (S02E04)

"Comrades" the latest episode, you can not imagine how it is right before the show start! Is he going to get closer to the person who burned him? Who needs his help now. I just can not stop thinking that the show has so many similarities with MacGyver! And did I mention already how good Gabrielle Anwar looked this time?

This episode Michael's brother Nate is back. He asks for help for Katya, a friend whos sister tried forever to come to the USA from Russia. Now she paid some Russian mafia $25,000 to get her into the country. After being smuggled into the country the smugglers request another $50,000 from Katya, is she ever wants to see her sister again. And of course as we all know he helps! In the end they find Katya's sister and free her. And through the magic of TV she can stay in the country (in reality yeah right). What I find amazing is Jeff Donovan speaking all these different (and hard) languages in the show. I mean how long do they give him to learn all that and how good is he learning languages? i mean of course he just has to learn the small text they give him in that language but still pronouncing everything is quite hard if you do not speak a language! I think that just shows again what talented and good actors they hired for the show!

Missed this episode? Don`t panic if you live in the USA you can watch this episode online right now. Just click on the Michael image above and will take you right there. The next episode airs next Thursday 10/9c on USA

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