Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Love Money Season 1 Episode 4 (S01E04)

I have watched them all Flavor of love, I love New York and Rock of Love. I know their faces and what insane things they have done on the shows. Now they are back and this time for what they are really after MONEY! I Love Money is my favorite show right now. I enjoyed all those people on the of love shows and to see them again before their reality show fame burns out is awesome. I mean who doesn't remember Toastee being so drunk that she can not even stand or talk right. Chance bunching Boston out in the ring, or Heather having Bret's name tattooed on her neck?

15 previous cast members of the of love shows move into a house in Mexico to compete for $250,000. Right now divided in 2 teams the captain of the winning team gets to eliminate one of the losing teams members. Every episode there is a competition. The losing team has to go into the vault to decide on 3 team members to be put up for elimination. Then they get a chance to plead their case to the other team's captain he then decides who has to leave.

This episode 12 Pack (yellow team) aproached Boston, Megan and Brandi C. (green team) to throw the challenge so that they can get rid of Whiteboy (green team) and take some power of the Stallionaires. So they did and lost the challenge. Back at the house Whiteboy and Chance gave Boston a hard time for losing. The plan was to get Whiteboy nominated by getting his $250,000 check in the chest. Megan and Brandi C. though thought different and decided it was good to keep them in case they need strong players for the next challenges. In the vault Brandi C.'s check went into the chest first, next was Destiny. Boston tried to get her not to put it in but because everyone voted for her and she didn't understand she just put it in. Boston held his check and fought so hard to not have it put in. I didn't understand why he didn't just took Whiteboys check and just threw it into the chest? Boston put up such a hard fight but in the last minute (they have 15 minutes to get the checks in) the Stallionaires and Whiteboy got it away from him and into the chest. So the rest of the episode Boston just cried. On the dinner with 12 Pack to plead their case he stayed away from the table. And as everyone guessed he got eliminated by 12 Pack. He kept Destiny because he promised her she was safe (even though his team wanted to have her eliminated) and he kept Brandi C. because she is such a weak player and therefor they have better chances of beating them in challenges.

So far every episode was so hilarious. VH1 definitely chose the right cast for the show. If you haven't watched it yet do not miss the next one you will love it too! So remember the show airs Sundays at 9/8c on VH1.

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