Saturday, August 2, 2008

Paranormal State Season 2 Episode 2 (S02E02)

I just had the time to watch the second episode that aired Monday. This one I liked way better then the voodoo doll one, but still every episode is great!

This time they visited a family. The home is in the family for some generations and they have seen things they couldn't explain. The son has seen a older woman in the bathroom watching him, a old man in a mirror and they get creepy feeling upstairs. The family was very reluctant to speak about certain things and I felt he father was kind of offended as the medium (this time Chip Coffey wasn't there) talked about the things they didn't want to. But after sleeping over it he decided to talk to Ryan about it. His mother killed herself in the bathroom upstairs, and she has been the one his son has been seeing. At Dead Time the light behind them went out and some computer upstairs too. The woman was telling them through the medium how she regrets killing herself and that she is sorry. The father started to believe now all the stories his son told him. After Dead Time they said they had a very good feeling in that night, like satisfaction.They still see the old man with the white beard and a little girl which died 1914 in the house, but they haven't experienced the woman anymore.

Every time the show is getting to the end I feel like oh no, why can't they have a longer one? 20 minutes is kind of short. The show is plainly to good for that. It should be 40 minutes! The only good things is that the next episode will be on Monday 10/9c on A&E

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