Monday, August 4, 2008

I Love Money Season 1 Episode 5 (S01E05)

That was so clear that Destiny would go home. I mean how would any girl in the house have enough brain cells to think that this is their chance to get Real out and with that weaken the strong Stallionaires? Last week they tried so hard to get one of them out and this week it is presented right in front of them on a gold platter but what do they do? They send Destiny home. Everybody wants to see her leave and they all want her to go but that also means it would have been easy to get her out the next time but this time grap you chance by getting rid of Real! I think they showed us with this move how smart they are!

In the beginning they stuck to their plan to eliminate always the stronger playing so that they have higher chances of winning, now they just get rid of everyone they just don't like personally! Do they really think they are going to win by keeping the Staillionaires? they are setting them selves up to lose big time.

But to the episode. Their competition this week was to get every team member cry. Everyone had a line drawn under their nose. They had to produce one tear and the tear had to run down to that line! Since the yellow team has 7 people and the green team 6 one of their members had to sit it out. They chose Hoopz to sit it out because they thought she was even tougher then some of their male team members! So 5 of the team members could get some little helpers to make them cry like onions, tweezers, hot sauce and cayenne pepper. The 6th member had to make them self cry without those helps. The yellow team got a very quick start after Pumkin decided to put the cayenne pepper into her eyes! The green team had quite some trouble. So the yellow team ended up winning. Nominated for elimination from the green team where Destiny, Real and Brandi C. Toastee was the team captain of the yellow team and therefor was able to decide who gets eliminated. So she chose Destiny and she really thinks she is in a alliance with the Stallionaires! Yeah right......Destiny saved her from going home the first episode and Toastee said to Destiny then that if she has her back now she will have hers later when she is in that situation! So much for hoe much her word is worth!

The Entertainer was very upset with Destiny leaving since they started to have some sort of fling for each other! He promised revenge and I am very sure he is going to give Toastee a very hard time in the house now. I mean everyone who has seen him before knows he will be going nuts in the house now! I would not be surprised if he is the next one to go. Well him or Toastee or maybe one of the other girls that get caught up in one of the many games and alliances they have going.....

I know I can not wait for the next episode and for all of you who can't wait it airs next Sunday 9/8c on VH1!

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