Thursday, August 7, 2008

Flipping Out Season 2 Episode 8 (S02E08)

That was a episode! Jeff was as crazy as ever and on top I think this was the season finale. The next episode is just a reunion so I guess that was it for this season. Hopefully there will be a third season.

Jeff tried to finish the Encino project and Lori and her family moved into a construction site. There is still some left that needs to be done. But the house looks awesome! I mean from the front it kind of looks small and nothing special but seeing it from the back I was like wow that is amazing! I can not believe he made it look so nice. I wish he would come to my house and to that, well without me having to spend money that is.....

He also went shopping around for a new project, so he offered on a house and really got the sellers agent very mad. Everyone watching could tell he was just joking and pushing her buttons but she really flipped and seemed soooo mad at him! There was a second person interested in the house but she got the seller to go for Jeff's offer even though it was less. Jeff in return agreed on not asking for any credits, on the inspection day he did try to feel her out for credits. She wasn't having it and seemed very irritated with him. I kind of thought the way he said it to her he was just joking and didn't really try to get some credits. he had to call her after and apologize saying he is not asking for credits and he is sorry for saying it because he doesn't want to anger her. She was really mad and yelling at him how hard she worked. I think she needs some humor in her life!

Jeff was able to sell Commonwealth, which he lives in. So now he is looking for a new place to live. One of his option were to move in with Ryan and his partner, which Ryan wasn't that happy about.

It kind of seem that they left some options open for a third season by saying to start buying in Malibu and doing their flips there where money is to be made. So lets hope for that and that it won't be too long before the next season starts! But first don't forget to tune in for the Flipping Out Reunion next Tuesday 10/9 c on Bravo! I am sure we will get some nice insides!

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