Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big Brother Season 10 Episode 4 (S10E04)

The tables have turned. After Brian got himself kicked out the house is after everyone that has had any kind of relationship with him. I mean it seems like if you have just look at him a certain way they would go after you too!

Jessie as HOH is kind of funny I mean did you see his HOH room? He is truly in love with himself there is no denying. He wanted to nominate Renny so bad but the other got him to nominate Dan, who was in a alliance with Brian and Steven, who supposedly came not right up to look at the shrine to Jessie, sorry I mean HOH room.

I must admit I always thought Hooters girls were dumb, blond airheads Barbie's but I must admit Keesha has shown me different. She seems to be a very sweet, dog loving very naive girl. It does hurt to see how the other girls don't trust her because she is not as stupid as they are. She is my absolute favorite right now on the show and I do hope she gets very far. Though I think she should have not said to them how she wishes that Steven stays in the house. I think that was the tricker for the other girls to not trust her anymore.

The next episode of Big Brother is on Sunday 8pm on CBS!

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tramp394 said...

Its a nice episode and I saw it. Big Brother is the UK's biggest reality TV show. I saw its every episode & now its one of my favorites!!!