Saturday, August 2, 2008

Flipping Out Season 2 Episode 7 (S02E07)

He lost one again! This time it was Chris Keslar who quit and walk out on Jeff. Chris started working for Jeff just a couple of month ago. His plan was to start around the house and then work his way up the ladder to help him with the business and to be more involved with real estate. But after month nothing happened and so he decided after Jeff continued to bush his buttons but never promoted him to leave. I mean come on who takes a job because he thinks he will be promoted within the first year? It takes time and effort so why keep complaining about not being involved with the business?

Since Jeff and Ryan started to work again for Courtney they have again encountered a lot of stress and frustration. Courtney seems to be blind, she hired the people because they were cheap so, why blame someone else for them not working good. she should have left it up to them and let them do their job instead of trying to be involved in everything. So her husband started asking the contractors that normally work with Jeff and which do work at their house what their relationship is with Jeff and if they would continue to work if Jeff and Ryan wouldn't work on the project anymore. So after one contractor told Jeff he and Ryan then decided that it would be better to got all ties for good and stop working again for Courtney! I think that was a very good choice and I never really understood why they went back to work for her in the first place! They knew how it worked out the first time around and also how she was then so why?

The next episode will be on next Tuesday 10/9c on Bravo! And right after my favorite real estate show Million Dollar Listing! Yes it is back and I am so excited about it!

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