Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big Brother Season 10 Episode 2 (S10E02)

There is already lots of drama in the house! It seems like they are already down to the last week in the house with how much drama they have. Brian made a huge mistake by talking to so many people about getting into a alliance with them. He should have just stick to the couple guys he talked to. He must have know it is going to bite him in the back! He so acted like he rules the house and is calling the shots and then downplaying it in the diary room by saying something like "I wouldn't say I run the house but it certainly is going in the direction I want it to..." He had it coming.

The veto competition was hilarious. Seeing the people going to hones and then having to tear up the pillows to find their colored bears! I think Michelle is a really tough competitor in the house. It wasn't fun to see Jessie win thought since he was the one I would have liked to see leave the house. Seeing how they are all after Brian I am sure he will be the one leaving the house.

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