Friday, July 25, 2008

Miami Ink Season 6 Episode 10 (S06E10)

Ok, Miami Ink (airs on TLC) is just a show I watch because there is nothing else to watch. I wouldn't be sad if it was canceled and never on again. I really don't care about the tattoos I kinda just watch it for the stories in between.

What was the show about? Well of course some people getting tattoos. I really don't listen to the story why they are getting a tattoo. I really don't care about that. Yoji (is his English getting worse show by show?) and Darren "created" their own baby clothes line. I guess they did that as show filler or something. I am sure it is just going to be on sale through a Miami Ink site or in one store in Miami.

Ami tries very hard every episode to look like a good caring guy, which he is clearly not. I really don't think he cares so much about people as he claims to do. So enough said about that.

The new guy what's his name again Tim or something. They made it seem like they got him from some tropical place where he lived only to see this episode he return to LA to his tattoo machine business and he says he enjoys being back home and seeing friends and family. It made me believe they filmed him on vacation with Garver so that it doesn't seem after Kat being from LA and having so bad luck with her that they are getting a new one from LA. It just totally showed this episode!

Well this is for sure not my first choice of show but if you are into tattoos or Miami Ink then tune in Thursdays 10/9c on TLC.


Linda said...

There are funny things written about the behind the scenes on forum. Really changed my mind. Haaha

Tristan said...

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