Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ghost Hunters International Season 1 Episode 10 (S01E10)

After watching ALL Episodes of Ghost Hunters and had to give Ghost Hunters International a try as well. I love to see some old faces from Ghost Hunters Team. I don't know about Robb though. I would have rather seeing someone like Barry leading the team. GHI follows the standards of GH and tries to debunk most of the things. I kind of think they are taking further though then GH. Especially with saying oh it is this and nothing else. They don't even allow a different opinion. So most of the things get debunked very quickly.

So this episode they are in Ireland. They call GH because they are short of people. So Jay and Grant offer to sent someone to Ireland. The Charleville Castle look amazing, I mean if you are ever in Ireland this should probably be on your "to see" list! The GHI found some very nice things. They have caught one EVP and also found something on photos they took. On the photos it shows how a door is closing on it's own. Their result is that there is some sort of activity in Chareville Castle but they couldn't find enough evidence to say that the castle is haunted.

The second case of the episode was at Samlesbury Hall in Samlesbury, England. It is called the most haunted house in Britain. It looks like a giant gingerbread house. The house was build in 1325, wow that is old!I am sure that is quite a nice location to visit, why not put it also on your "to see" list when you are in the area? I really like when they use their infrared camera. They have discovered a lot of things with that camera. Is that something more people use for ghost hunting? This time they didn't find anything on their equipment that would proof a haunting. I do understand how the Tour Guide was quite shocked that they didn't find anything. Though he still had to say how professional they were. One thing I always find funny is that when they do research and they don't find any records of bones found or a police car having a accident they think the stories are not true. But what if the people never recorded these stories or accidents because back then it was too embarrassing and their didn't want anyone to know? I really think that is a very high possibility and they shouldn't say that a story is a myth or not true if they can not find any records about them. They could have been just kept quite about! Especially in earlier times that could have been a high possibility and I think even now a days a lot of things are kept quite about and not being made a public records! I think people with influence can make everything not being on record! I do hope not to see Brandy in every episode from now on, and Donna to return soon. The team is very good and I would hate to see all these new faces in the show. There are so many people that have worked with the Ghost Hunters and I am sure they would go to be with the GHI! People know them already from GH and will enjoy watching them again on GHI!

If you haven't watched Ghost Hunters International yet and want to give it a try tune in Wednesdays 9/8c on Sci-Fi


If you want to watch it whenever you want you can watch full episodes on the Sci-Fi website! Just click on the image above and it will take you right to the site! BEST is that everyone (no matter where you live) can watch the full episodes!!!! You have to love that......(especially since you can buy the DVDs worldwide)

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