Monday, July 28, 2008

Kathy Griffin: My life on the D-List Season 4 Episode 7 (S04E07)

This time Kathy takes us to Bora Bora. She is hired by VIP Escapes to do her stand up for their travelers in Bora Bora. Kathy bombs with her first routine but tries everything to win them back. Before she goes on stage the first time she goes around and tries to get some material from the people in the restaurant. I think whats weird is that there were divorced people that are traveling together and a husband and wife having meals on different tables because they don't get along! I mean seriously if you don't get along with your partner don't be together! Why go on a trip with each other? Kathy was shocked that she was told there would be gay travelers only to find out there are also about 40% straight people.

The show opener was pretty cool. Kind of reminded me on some acts I have seen on my travels. Kathy bombed and next day she did her best to get them back as audience. Every one kept telling her about Todd. he was this gay guy who said he is married to this woman he was sitting next to as a joke and also was hitting on every one even on Kathy! What was his deal? He was funny thought, maybe just drunk but funny....

At the final show Kathy made jokes about the Todd guy and every one laughed. A lesbian couple celebrated their 25 anniversary!

I have recognized though it doesn't matter what Kathy says the people that work for her always laugh! I mean come on even though she pays you, you don't have to laugh about jokes that are not funny. And why does she always have to pull them into everything. The one dancer got Kathy to dance with her before her final show. She had nothing better to do then to get her whole "Team Griffin" to come with her and dance with her and the native dancer. The show is called Kathy Griffin: My life on the D-List and not Kathy Griffin and Company: Our life's on the D-List. I watch the show to see Kathy and her life and not the people that work for her. I have watched every single episode and must say in the beginning the Jessica seemed to be this nice girl that turns out now to be this b****y something that barks everyone around (very good to see in S04E06).

Anyway, I do hope the show stay to be focused around Kathy and not her "Team Griffin". They are not that interesting!

The next episode is on Thursday 10/9c on Bravo!

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