Friday, July 25, 2008

Fear Itself Season 1 Episode 6 (S01E06)

What was that?

That is all that comes to mind about that episode! I loved the previous ones. Small horror movies that were interesting every single time. This one.....confusion....all the way through. It made no sense at all, the jumps from present day to the day before throughout the show was even more confusing. After starting watching the show there were a couple times I was tempted to stop watching because I just couldn't stand it anymore.

The episode was about that something happened on New Years Eve and every body dead turned into a zombie. They then went on to eat and attack living people. You see the whole episode through a girls view of it only to find out in the end that she is one of them too. Even though she doesn't act like them the whole time (all zombies attack people and eat them, only she doesn't).

I really hope the next episode is going to be better again. If you haven't watched but want to give it a try it airs on NBC Thursdays 10/9c!


If you live in the USA you can watch this episode online! Just clicked on the image above and it will take you right to the site!

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