Friday, September 5, 2008

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 2 (S04E02)

This was better. The first episode kind of felt rushed and a lot of things packed into one episode. I guess they wanted to show more story then they had time to, so everything had to be forced together in one episode. Why not make 2 out of it?

Well this one though was way better and more like the prison break as we know it. Breaking in to places getting their device back, thinking they have the information they were looking for only to find out there is yet another twist in the show. What I wonder was wondering though. Sarah asked the maid to look at her purse so that she could drop the spy device in it. So in order to retrieve it they stole the purse after they thought they had all the information. After stealing it from her they found out that she left the device at her employers house. So why break into the house first to get it back? Why couldn't Sarah go back to bus station and say "oh, as I looked at your purse the other day my cell phone fell in it. Did you by any chance find it?" So she could have picked it up next day at work again and then brought it back to Sarah. I mean what would have been easier? haven't they thought about that scenario? Or would that have been too simple? But they could have put another twist in!

All I know for sure is that I am looking forward to the next episode now that the show is back to it's old glory.

The next episode of Prison Break airs Monday 9/8c on Fox!

If you missed the first episodes of the 4th season you can watch them online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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