Thursday, September 4, 2008

I want to work for Diddy Season 1 Episode 3 (S01E03)

What for a episode. 2 people of each team had to travel to France in order to find a model and convince her to come to New York with them to participate in a photo shooting. While those 4 where franticly searching for their model the team members left in New York had to find wardrobe and make a advertising campaign for the Sean John sunglass line.

Of course as you can guess there was lots of drama along the way. Deon was send home. he did have experience working as assistant in advertising. He did believe in their teams campaign and somehow I think it also wasn't that bad. But the "Judges" thought that the other teams campaign was better and they won. For winning each of them got sunglasses.

I think there is not really anybody on the show I want to see win. I really don't think anyone of them would be a good personal assistant. I wonder who chose the candidates? Does the winner really gets a job after the show or do they just participate to be on the TV?

The next episode airs Monday 9 pm EDT on VH1!

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