Friday, March 6, 2009

Top Chef Season 5 Episode 15 (S05E15)

So who else watch a hour full of lies? This show is just the most fake there ever was. I think The Hills is more reality TV than this show!

First of all I really don't believe Fabio was the fan favorite I do believe Carla won. Fabio just got handed the money so he shuts up and doesn't say stupid things. Carla deserved it so much more and probably had the most votes!

Then the time came for the subject we all waited for Hosea and the resident slut Leah. What really happened between them and if they are together now. Obviously both broke up after the show with the partners they had who is really surprised about that? Nobody wants to see his partner doing what they did on national TV! Then there was their smiling as they were asked if now they are together. They are, and there already were as they returned for the finale! The way they danced around the subject was just stupid. They should have said what everybody already knows! Beside that he still should not have been the winner!

After all this show really left a bad taste in my mouth after watching it. I used like the show a lot and also always looked forward to watching it bu now I am really thinking about if I should ever watch it again if they have another season!

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