Saturday, December 27, 2008

American Gladiators canceled?

My first post in a while and I just had to write about this. I just read today that maybe American Gladiators will be canceled. Truly I wouldn't be surprised about it and let me tell you why. The first season of the new American Gladiators was great. I watched the old Gladiators and loved it, these ones where great to watch as well. Ratings for the first season were very good too, the second season lost viewers quite quickly. The second season though I didn't even watch completely plainly because they started to show some of the matches just half or said who got how many points or you could go to their website to see the matches. But why do I watch the show then? I don't watch it to see them talking about how they are going to kicked each others asses or getting interviewed about their sloppy story why they are there I want to see the matches! That's it! I want to see them compete against each other and who is the better athlete. I don't want to see new Gladiators added constantly. I want to see the ones from the first season doing what they are doing best! But I guess they had to ruin the show by making into something nobody besides them wants to see!

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